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above. is it devine intervention or hallucinations? hill billys, life in the fast lane and he wouldn't have it any other way. billy ray cyrus talks about marrying off his superstar daughter miley. and hollywood glamour. tonight, secrets from behind the scene of abc's hit show. >> is it other worldly or a synapse in the brain. some people reported an overwhelming sense of calm piercing through the panic. it's re350e9edly desdriebd as spiritual, even divine. could it be the work of guardian angels? we have some very surprising answers. >> i can't hear, i can't hear. >> reporter: in a moment of mayhem, for in that instant of exquisite fear. >> i looked at my air gauge and thought okay, this is it. >> human beings often report being comforted by an invisible companio companion. >> only my guardian angel could have saved me from such an accident like that. >> reporter: nick never felt alone, though lost for days in a california canyon. >> did you at any point give up hope? >> no, never. i had my buddy who died last year by my side. i felt his presence. >> and the last words felix baumgart
billy goat hill. in 19ability drivers would do spinners up there so we helped the city approve and build a fence that is up there. my fence is abutted against the park above it. in 1981 i put out three fires from fire crackers and i will cut down the trees at the time that were abutted up against our house as long as you haul them away. we cut a deal. it worked. i planted ivy and have been taken care of that and we twim it once or twice a year. the neighborhood was threatened with speeding cars. many of us coordinated to make the streets safer. also a decade ago we were a saturday night hang out for teenagers drinking and smoking pot. we worked with different agencies to stop those parties and we filled the cap to help workers from rec and park and we sweep up the trimmings to prevent the plugging of suing lines. we are proud of our area and happy to work with many excellent rec and park workers over the years. in 2008 neighbors complained there were shovels on the street and the park right above it and someone had been using tools to carve a trail all the way up to
on the street, so from across the street billy goat hill to there you're going to have problems. at the top of the hill we have a sanctuary for children and it would be an intrusion for a trail to come into that area and the sairchtity of those children would be interrupted. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra. >> my name is sandra larew. my husband and i have lived on beacon street for over 40 years. we bought our lot from the redevelopment agency. we purchased permits before building our home. this is about permit or soils engineer. what concerns us is that the hill side -- what concerns us is the hill side is that the hill side is very steep and we are afraid that any removal of trees and sclushes will result in land slides on beacon street. our hope is that the city replace these by trespassers and people that don't live on beacon street. on monday i noticed there is the start of another illegal in progress. these s must stop. the hill side needs trees to keep it stabilized. bringing back the beauty of our peaceful neighborhood. the way it is now it's bringing in endesirable
, get out. >>> billy brown, a new movie getting so much buzz -- >> even the trailer has gone viral online. >> can you live with yourself. >> i am tired of feeling guilty about it. >> now star lou diamond phillips shares with us. >> how a little film goes out and roars. >> why the latest internet trend may be too vile to swallow. >> what? >> [ bleep ]. >> and he starts eating again. >> in the back country of alaska it can be a very dangerous place. this video near haines, alaska. this guy has a go-pro on the helmet and rigging up ropes to the snowmobile there. nothing wrong with that machine. when he turns around and walks down the hill a little bit, quickly you realize how lucky the rider of this snowmobile was. >> [ bleep ]. >> and where is that rider? >> the rider jumped off just in time before he went over this very thin snow bridge they call it. you can see that thin layer of snow covering up that crevice. the snowmobile fell in hanging on by the handle bars. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> cut. >> the whole time this guy is working on this snowmobile he is saying cannot be
the geary shandling show. he was my collaborator. the lord is my creator. he was my collaborator. billy crystal. it goes on and on. when i write to by myself -- >> you discover you have no talent. [laughter] >> there is nothing there anymore. it is fun raising by yourself, because i can flex muscles i did not have before, but it is very lonely. it is not natural to sit in a room by yourself and be funny. i look forward to collaboration, just as a way to get away from salatin. hence, hello. >> is it easier to have somebody to bounce things off of? >> of course, there is a synergy to it. there's a built-in editing process. somebody waiting to react to it. absolutely. >> dave, most of your career, you wrote the peter pan books with ridley. how do you like working with others? >> i love it. i enjoy it but you can bounce it off. when riding alone, what goes through -- when you are writing alone, you sit and think you are a fraud. anyone who writes comedy knows that feeling peter i am not funny. i do not have skills. i used of all the jokes. that is kind of how you start your day. sometimes t
. >>> a green day concert in full swing when the lead singer suddenly hands over the mike. how billy joe let an 11-year-old wow the crowd. >>> and miley cyrus is hannah montana, now meet the girl who -- >> apparently doesn't know that. ♪ >>> i got to say, not the brightest move to try to pull on the streets when you're surrounded by motorcycles. this is an apparently an organized ride in myrtle beach, south carolina. there's 400 plus bikers out there. organized, sanctioned, believed to be police escorts out there with them. look at what this person in a volvo tries to do. tries to pass a number of these guys on the shoulder. it's not an off-road vehicle, it's a sedan. you're driving over rumble strips and also the grass. watch what happens. >> oh! >> oh! >> gets completely out of control, comes screaming across both lanes of traffic there. doesn't hit any of the bikers it looks like, but ends up down in the ditch, in the grass. doesn't hit any of the bikers but could have wiped out a bunch of them. the driver put lives at risk because of impatience. >> maybe the driver was annoyed because
this other story-- billie holiday, "strange fruit," which is the billie holiday song. >> yeah, the piano player in that recording is sonny white, actually. >> hinojosa: who's also panamanian? >> panamanian. fantastic. >> hinojosa: so you were growing up in panama, pretty humble background. >> mm-hmm. >> hinojosa: poor. >> yes. >> hinojosa: but your parents were very much involved in music, your father. >> yeah. >> hinojosa: so talk about those memories of what you were hearing in panama. what was your life in music as a young boy growing up? >> well, my father was in love with cuban pianists. actually, lino frias, he was in love with a lot of the great artists from panama. but mainly piano players. and he actually introduced me to a fantastic pianist from puerto rico called papo lucca. and my father would sing to me, like, tumbaos, like, (imitates tumbao pattern) when i was a kid, like... (plays tumbao pattern) and we would be all day doing that. >> hinojosa: and that's a tumbao. >> that's a tumbao, that's a tumbao. he would be all day saying, "check out how he changed," if he made a lit
, president william jefferson, billy jeff clinton. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ thank you, sir. [cheers and applause] ♪ yesterday's gone ♪ yesterday's gone >> thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jon: i had to give them another taste of me. they deserve it. mr. president, welcome to the colbert galactic initiative on its inaugural night. this vealy impressive. >> stephen: thank you. we put it together quickly. >> one of the things on my bucket list i just added something, climbing kilimanjaro before the snows melt, riding a horse across the gobi desert and now i want to go into outer space on one of your spaceships. >> stephen: if you'll provide the funding i'll find somebody to build it. >> that's what everybody tell ms. he. [ laughter ] >> stephen: william jefferson clinton may i call you billy jeff. >> once the president leaves office, you can call him anything you like. >> stephen: really. i'm honored. [laughter] before we start a couple of ground rules, all right? >> yes. >> stephen: i'm here in this venue at washington university we're b
night live"? a lot of that was this man here. how many of you have seen "700 sundays close " with billy crystal? he co-wrote to that. how many of you have heard the song "mr. budging goals -- mr. bojanles"? he had nothing to do with that at all. [laughter] any way, ladies and gentlemen, my co-writer -- i ask one thing of you. when we get to the questions, please, no questions or comments about the freakishly huge size of his head. ok, that is all we ask. actually, you should not look at it right now. a huge head. it is like easter island. >> it is for radio. >> doug and i are leaning to our left because of the gravitational force. but, as i say, he is sensitive about it. [laughter] let's forget right now about alan zweibel's head. ladies and gentlemen, alan zweibel. [applause] >> you know, it is really amazing to me that i actually know dave barry and actually wrote a book with him. i remember as a 5 or 6-year-old kid, my grandfather used to read a lot of dave's stories to me. [laughter] and here i am now. how did i become a humor writer? it is ironic, the whole thing is because, origin
. george cluchey, bill dell monte, and billy hook. san francisco, please. crabtree. >> c'mon, everybody.♪ [singing san francisco] ♪ >> [ applause ] . >> courtesy of city college of san francisco's great culinary department. hot soup. where is our soup? who knows. who knows where the hot soup is. >> right here on polk street. is that where it is? hot soup on gearey. good. first, some words of wisdom from our supervisors. take us to our leaders, please. >> hi, everybody, london breed representing district five and i'm so happy to be here today. we are here doing what san franciscans do best. we are improvising. we made what? actually we made soup out of out of lemonade. i want everyone to remember that back then san francisco was pretty dark. i know some remember that. we have an incredible fire department. the fire department and police department are the strongest safety units anywhere and i know in any situation we can get through it because we are san franciscans. my colleague president david chiu. >> good morning san franciscans. i can't believe you were here in 1906. i would
, actor billy baldwin and conservative kelly ann conway. >>> and what the hell's going on with justin bieber? we have advice for the teen idol from someone who has been through it before, lance bass. >>> good evening. this is "piers morgan live." a lot to get through tonight. we will start of course with the rising tensions in north korea. the eyes of the world are on that region tonight, looking at the demilitarized zone, no man's land between north and south korea. we learned today that the north may be planning to launch a mobile ballistic missile, possibly in a matter of days. that's according to a u.s. official who told cnn communications intercepts the plans. u.s. officials have seen movement in missile components over the last few days on north korea's east coast. those missiles could have a range of 2500 miles, enough to threaten south korea, japan and southeast asia. just how serious is the threat? joining me now is a man with strong feelings on all this, newt gingrich, the former presidential candidate, also robin wright of the u.s. institute of peace and former diplomatic c
streep her third oscar. to recording artists of the '80s, she was amused. today, billy remembered her bitter strike. >> the damage that she did is unfortunately still playing itself out in my country. >> reporter: his anthem in support of the minors mark his first appearance on britain's top of the chart. in the same way that the dust bowl created woody guthrie, in the same way the civil rights movement spawned bob dylan, thatcherism and the back lash against it launched billy brown. >> she was a genuine radical. i have to admire that she was a radical. not my kind of radicalism, maybe, but she had that set of principles and she ran them through you whether you wanted it or not like a sword. >> if it is one against 48, i am very sorry for the 48. >> reporter: she was still prime minister when elvis costello offered this bit of trivia on the bbc. ♪ ♪ i'll tell you what i want >> some of the children of thatcher's britain take a different view. today the spice girls weighed in. scary spice, a.k.a. melanie brown, now a judge on america's got talent, said she was heart broken. >> deva
explosive. billy parish is the co-founder. give us a sense of how explosive the growth has been for you in such a short amount of time. > > our first round of offerings which was $400,000 worth of investment was fully subscribed in less than 24 hours by over 400 people. so it's been hard to keep up with the interest. > > now you're scrounging around for new projects. do you have greater demand than the projects to be funded balance? > > we have over 12 thousand people already signed up for the next round of projects which show up next week so we're excited. we think it might happen again. > > is this because of the improved cost and performance and efficiency of solar energy? solar power---that's mostly where your projects are. or because you've tapped into this new otherwise unrecognized demand out there? > > i think it's some of both. the cost of solar has come down 80 percent in the last 4 years so solar is now just a much better investment for everyone. but it is also something that people haven't been able to participate in until now. investing in clean energy projects has been a b
impact? >> i do. i think we will see his name in history right there with jackie robinson, billie jean king. jackie robinson was integration in american baseball and the entire issue of race. billie jean king was women's rights, equal rights. i think this will be seen as that big of a deal, not only over time, but even today. it is such an important him and not just sports history moment, american history moment -- important, not just ports history moment, american history moment. >> now to a job requirement which might terrify you. as you prepare for the big interview, you are probably prepared for tough questions. but what about handwriting analysis? in france, budding executives are still required to submit samples of penmanship, which is then scrutinized for clues to their personality. we have the details from paris. >> he has 30 years experience as a graphologist -- she has 30 years experience as a graphologist. she takes samples of handwriting and draws conclusions about personality. it is about the pressure of the pen, the angle, the curves, the complexity of the letters -- all
to join twitter and tweet using the handle prez billy jeff. just 24 hours as of 7:00 he has over 88,000 followers. [cheers and applause] boom! that is called the colbert bump, mr. president. [cheers and applause] welcome to the big time, my friend. the next time you are visiting one of your agricultural projects in uganda the villagers are going to go, hey, you are that dude from colbert. we ready for that. folks you want to follow the clinton foundation twitter feed @clintontweet. i know it's no perz billy jeff but it's a nonprofit. we conducted our historic chat in st. louis site of this queer's clinton global initiative university where every year college students present projects that make the world a better place. for instance, a few years ago jessica matthews april tended cgiu and designed a soccer ball that generates electricity for people in emerging economies. after 30 minutes of play it can power a light for three hours. best of all, you only have to watch 30 minutes of soccer. [ laughter ] so -- [cheers and applause] who knows what big idea will be next? jim? >> i headed
of the billy martins are on their way out. you can no longer act like woody hayes and bobby knight because cell phones will catch you. we need an endangered jerk clause i. you should explain who billy martin is. >> billy martin was an extremely emotional yankees coach and coach who died in a car accident. >> the other thing, he and reggie jackson got in it in the world series. >> billy martin -- >> that happened. >> he didn't get thrown out all the time. i think coaches are in a position of leadership. you can learn from your coach and you want to be like leaders. who is the coach of the new orleans saint, currently? great guy, right? >> belicheck? >> one of the brothers. >> "the five" talks sports. >> my next point -- >> okay. he -- when they go on their flights and they fly from city to city, he makes everyone wear a suit. they basically have to suit up. this is the broken window theory of sports. all of these guys, if they want -- what if one of them got hurt and their future in basketball was ruined? >> there's a liability issue here. >> one of the winningest coaches in basketball, coach k.
, huh? >> you know, billy, i wasn't seeing things correctly. i was told that california has money to spend and i thought it looked like it was in crappy shape. i went and got these glasses to get my mind right when i don't have time to paint my pod face on. >> bill: so you know in your state there is financial chaos you know you have the highest taxes in the land by far. new york second. yet, here we have another, this is from a san francisco assembly man, you know, if you are going to have infertility payments for head ter row you have got to have them for gays. and it is never going to end. it's never going to end out there, miller. this state is so far out of the mainstream we're not even one of the contiguous 48 anymore. what can brown do for you? zip, nada, nothing, he is a moron. listen. everybody knows i have gay friends. i have gay friends who are married. i'm for gay marriage. that being said. can i get a day off from gay? is that possible? can i just get a day off? my gay friends don't talk about gay as much as straight white guys who have never been [bleep] talk about g
billy payne in a moment. in fact, let's do that now. we're all linked up and we send it down to butler cabin. >> good evening. i'm billy payne, chairman of augusta national golf club and i'm truly excited to be here in our famous butler cabin along with my good friend jim nantz. jim: thank you, billy. >> jim, another exciting performance. congratulations to you as well. jim and i will soon repeat the long-standing tradition of the award of the masters green jacket. before before we do, i'd like to take this opportunity to thank our television viewers across america and over 200 countries around the world for your long term and loyal support around the masters. i have the privilege of welcoming three gentlemen, all with smiling faces, this year's mr. tianlang systems guan. last year's champion, bubba wat on and of course, our new 2013 champion, mr. adam scott. >> thank you. jim: let's begin with the youngest competitor in masters history, and tianlang, guan, i have to ask you oar -- about your experience. what was it like for you? >> it was a great week for me and i learned a lot from t
that whites want one race to rule all others. >> sean: and they, too, are dog whistles. and billy cunningham is back to us. fox news contribute joe trippi. can you name one of the captains on the religious right that wants blacks in the back of the bus, women back in the kitchen and immigrants back on the other side of the border? can you name one person, sir? >> no, i'm not interested in playing that game, sean. >> sean: wait a minute, it's not a game if you're a conservative that is cost stantly-- >> well. >> sean: wait a minute. >> to get me to do it. >> sean: it's not a game when conservatives are accused falsely of wanting dirty air and water, not caring about old people, wanting to kill grandma and children that have autism and down syndrome. that's not a game anymore, joe. this is now your democratic party. this is the daily rhetoric that we get out of the democratic party and the democratic media. >> yeah, okay, sean. well, first of all, i haven't done any of those things that i'm aware of and second of all, not all democrats do that and, by the way, no one on the republican side eve
neighborhood called nomoho. >> you have to dress like that? you look almost clerical here. >> thank you, billy, i'm trying to look like one of the sisters who raised you so well. [ laughter ] bill bull you have got to wear something over your head, miller which would be an improvement. public policy polling ppp and i'm going to read the question and put it on the screen and miller is going to comment. unbelievable. first question, this is to the american public. do you believe that a secretive powerful ebleet a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through authoritarian world government or new world order or not. 28% do believe that. and all of them know glenn beck. 46% do not believe it. but i love. this 25% are not sure. >> that's because their brains have been scrubbed by their masters. listen, everybody thought it was going to be the build aberg group turns out it's the bloomberg group. too involved in our life. can i believe this? of course i do k. believe it i have biden in the on deck circle. can i believe anything for god's sake. at this point i would take flat le
a twitter company. now president clinton was taken. william jefferson clinton was taken. but prez billy jeff was available. [laughter] >> michael: the first tweet went out on saturday and the account already has over 68,000 followers, more than you karl, have you tweeted anything to prez billy jeff? >> i haven't but i will as soon as i'm off the show. of course, if prez billy jeff wants to follow karl frisch on twitter i'll be glad to post. it's fun to introduce someone to twitter. >> michael: and it's a surprise that president clinton doesn't already have a twitter account. >> 140 characters for a president? 140 characters for a man who spoke for two hours at the 1988 presidential democratic convention, i think that might be cutting it a little close. >> michael: it might be impossible, he dictated a tweet to colbert. there has only been one tweet. democratic strategist karl frisch. thank you for coming on the show. >>> 50 years ago in birmingham, alabama, a group of students took their lives and their futures into their hands when they marched into the deep south of racial hatred. tonight
medical center. billy baker is live with me. he went to the scene and tweeted what he saw. billy, where were you when the bombings occurred? >> in the boston globe news room. we raced here and were here within ten minutes. >> just take me to that moment in the globe news room that is a few miles this way. >> yes. >> this is obviously a gigantic event occurring in this room. how quickly did you know the scale of what we were dealing with? >> i don't think anyone knew. we went. there was question to what had occurred. immediately, we were seeing people evacuateed from the immediate scene. it was easy to spot they were covered in blood and crying. it confirmed this wasn't an accident, it was an attack. missing limbs and a war zone scene. that's when it went from a question to an answer as to what we are dealing with here. >> what were the most surprising things you saw here on boylston street in. >> there was a numb -- it wasn't a panic. it was no one knew what to do or where to go. you had so many runners from out of town. so many people in this -- their emotions were so crossed. the bost
i'm saying. >> remember when angelina jolie wore a vial of her boyfriend's blood, billy ray. >> billy bob. >> did i say billy ray? >> bobbie sue was the name of the doggie that got adopted. this is all babies and boobs today, people. new evian commercial. remember years ago the ground-breaking technology at the time? they have a brand new one. these little babies, that were rappers. and on roller skates. this is the old one. >> that was -- >> i forget this one, let's watch it. ♪ ♪ >> this was even before the wonner baby. >> this is "rapper's delight." >> not everyone. >> i guarantee you, my mother doesn't know it. >> we want to see the new one, right? >> the new one they're just releasing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's like their younger selves. >> i let you know -- >> that is brilliant. that is adorable. >> that is brilliant. now, i understand that these folks have given us the baby treatment as well. >> they did? >> i don't know. >> who is that? >> that's who they think -- does that look like me? i'll take it. it looks more like one of tammy sealer's daughters. >> i
to keep everyone indoors for their own safety and to try to give them the the ability to go from billy -- from building to building to try to find where suspect number two is. but it is a bit of a job, but it -- not what you would expect to see with your morning coffee. everyone has been following the case so closely. they want to see progress in the case, to see these people responsible for the bombings taken into custody and brought to justice. staying home for a few hours would be a small price to pay if it means the people who carry this out are brought into custody by officials, and it looks to be going that way. >> absolutely. cast turner is keeping us apprised of the situation. it is probably a good time to take a look back at the developments, the extraordinary developments in boston over the past five days. on monday, three people were killed and more than 170 injured at the boston marathon when two bombs exploded. later the fbi revealed details that a pressure cooker filled with ball bearings and nails had s.en used to make the bomb on wednesday, investigators identified the
his own scare today. >> under fire. i am billy bush. the note innocent or inappropriate.
:00. >> cocktail hour. >> stephanie: auditions for [ overlapping speakers ] >> billy wilder. do you remember billy wilder. >> i'm not old. >> stephanie: stop it. it is billy and ray is the story. it sounds hilarious. tell us about it. >> it's funny but it is also historical. it changed the movie industry there was a censorship and then came a new form of film [ inaudible ] i do happy days, but i wanted to delve into that and it's about billy wilder a wonderful director and a wonderful man [ inaudible ] billy and ray instead of her shall and harry, billy and ray and they were the first ones to write a wonderful picture called [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: right. >> it was a big change, and that's what it is about, and it's funny and -- >> sounds great. >> and it is well done and i got to direct it which was exciting for me. >> stephanie: it is described that they nearly killed each other in the process. >> they did not get along at all, and billy was volatile and yelling and screaming, and raymond was drinking quietly, so they had -- [ laughter ] >> i'm used to that conflict i
everything happened. >> reporter: 4-year-old billy ran, her hair on fire to get the adults, but the flame and smoke were too intense for anyone to get to mariah. >> treasure the moments that you have with your family. you never know when someone will be taken away. >> there is flog you can say to a parent that will take away the pain. >> reporter: this councilman offered condolences and saying that the city needed to do more to get smoke detectors. >> we see families doubling up and tripling up to make ends meet. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: but tonight was about helping. >> thank you so much, supporters brought their appetite and compassion. every grateful sibling billy escaped and the girl's father says he was away in substance-abuse treatment when the fire happened. >> going through my rife to get better and get back to my family and continue to raise my family. >> reporter: mariah gomez loved clear heading and dassing her family says a loving, cheerful child. we have more on how the community is rallying to help check web links at reporting live in san jose
in italy. sflchbl and with a little help from his friend, why paul mccartney is teaming up with billy joel to protect the piano man's daughter. >>> and coming up, stunner. paris jackson is speaking out. >>> and a whopping debut for psy's new single. his new song going gangbusters all over the word. world. before students were flocking to bioengineering courses... before the birthplace of california became the cradle of 750 clean-tech companies... some researchers, entrepreneurs, and bankers shared a vision that helped foster an industry. that's the power of connecting minds and technology to fuel a nation's future. that's bank of america. it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! may attach and make a meal of us. and we saved a bunch using our reward points. well i'll be a monkey's uncle. and we got a hundred dollars in points from sears to use on jim's mower... hold the phone! ...and points from the grill helped pay for my
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 297 (some duplicates have been removed)